Sunday night … rocking and rolling

as expected, we are rocking and rolling on Sunday night (08/25/2019) – no doubt it’s going to be an interesting day tomorrow. as you can see, the futures did gap down, but found support perfectly on the BUY pattern at 2811. this level is key to hold overnight and over the coming couple of days […]

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having fun w/ 1776 and the confessions of a QE Junky

I love Business Development in any industry and any product or service …it’s actually extremely strategic and w/ a well focused and actionable set of benchmarks or criteria can usually guarantee  success.  This AM I have been working on a proposal for a company to make a major LOB move into a new arena.  After […]

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stay tuned the BUY on WMT/S&P is complete or perhaps a little lower

the pattern we have been looking at on the WMT/S&P relative strength comparison is complete .. stay tuned, there are some tectonic plates shifting ….

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Part 2 of Part 1-V on the S&P

Part 1 was a look around the world at different equity indices based on ETF’s: of note is the Global Equity ETF (ACWI) and the SELL pattern that is appearing as we showed in our last “around the world” update shown below. Overall, nothing to crazy but the analysis appears to have been correct. […]

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