S&P 500 futures – update

09/12/2019 – market blew thru the pattern level and is very close to setting new highs in the ES. This represents a failed pattern … if you look we have some numbers coming in right below old high but as far as the VERY NICE sell pattern that was present – it’s cooked. back to […]

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Sunday night … rocking and rolling

as expected, we are rocking and rolling on Sunday night (08/25/2019) – no doubt it’s going to be an interesting day tomorrow. as you can see, the futures did gap down, but found support perfectly on the BUY pattern at 2811. this level is key to hold overnight and over the coming couple of days […]

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Crude – BUY PATTERN in/around 52-53

like the EEM … big support here. if we lose it, look out below … note, the 15 minute and 240 minute patterns … it shows the fractal nature of the market and, in this case, we have a pattern (15 minute (orange w/ dashed black outline) w/in a BIGGER 4 hour pattern (light blue) […]

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this, never gets old .. Bladder of the Fish and Soybeans

  03/28/2016 – am prepping for a presentation I will be giving at and it’s about the math of the great pyramids, Stonehenge and Music.  I’m trying (really I am trying) to walk slowly thru the progression of why square roots are important and I had to include an example of the Vesica Pisces […]

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the bladder of the fish and, well, Soybeans

had a “google hangout” w/ JC today and we zipped thru, easily, 6 different asset classes from stocks, commodities, single stocks and currencies in roughly 10 minutes. “check this out – boom boom boom” and “blah blah blah” – and we were done. question .. how long do you think it would take non-chartists?  hours […]

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