About Bart

Blessed, humbled and grateful for his friends and family, Bart has been married to his high school sweetheart for almost 28 years.  He’s also the proud father of 4 amazing children. (3 daughters and 1 son)

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, he spent his first 11 years out of college flying the F-14 Tomcat and was privileged to graduate from the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School. (Topgun)  After departing the Navy, he developed a keen knack to work strategy and business development acumen across multiple business verticals.  A serial entrepreneur, he has successfully started and exited multiple companies.

His passion is charting the markets using advanced pattern recognition. Trained by many of the world’s top traders he blends decades of experience  into a unique and powerful way to manage risk in today’s markets. When not blogging or investing he spends time revolutionizing the US health care since thru digital health technologies.

He’s been a CMT for over a decade, has taught the CMTi to hundreds of traders/analysts around the world and frequently blogs and provides insights to institutional and retailer investors.

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  1. Hello,
    Hope your in good shape for the “MTA” presentation. Was just wondering if there is anyway to fire a chart to you with some geometric stuff featuring your idea’s.

  2. Thanks for everything in TopGun Options. Best wishes in all your adventures and for your family.

    1. Frank, you bet! Love all of you and you all have and are so good to me ..glad you signed up so you’ll a chance to get some more crazy stuff.

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