GOLD / OIL update

well, the ratio went up and tagged our projected level in around 83 on the GOLD/OIL ratio. Here’s the post that discussed they ‘why’ behind this target: for now, the ratio is falling like a stone … sure looks like it wants to target the 40-45 gap. would like some up and down “shuck and jives” and not straight down because that lends itself to a more balanced ‘form and proportion’ corrective move … we’ll see. for now, below you’ll see the updated GOLD/OIL and a target zone for the crude oil bounce. this still looks like a ‘bounce’ in an overall downtrend for oil .. time will tell. hard pressed to see that upper target of 83.45 taken out to the upside on the ratio anytime soon …trust everyone is well w/ your family, friends and loved ones …also, here’s a bunch of work on oil from a couple years ago. still not sure if the all time high is a 5 or a 3 but, for now, we are definitely still correcting:

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