US Dollar Index – August 14, 2023

One of my first teachers had an amazing saying and it’s one that has stuck w/ me for 15+ years. When your trading/investing – you might not realize it – but you truly are playing with giants. The amount of money flowing right now, not even while the NYSE is open is mind boggling. And here we sit, w/ our mouse at the ready and, basically, playing Cowboys and Indians as we click to enter here and then click to put the stop in … bang bang, you’re dead! LOLOLOL … man, wonder if the kids and even play that now? For those of you in the late 40’s to mid-50’s club – we had the LAST real childhood. Shoot, I STILL have my bigwheel scar on my knee. what a WRECK that was and one of my best friends, David R actually went UNDER a car as it was driving. Not a scratch … anyway, I digress.

So, I use PATTERNS to look for inflection points and then try and manage risk and put a position on …that’s my version of Cowboy’s and Indian’s …

But what Mr. Dinapoli said was “when you enter the markets you enter the world of huge gigantic gorilla’s … pause … and they are locked in a cage w/ you …pause…and they are carrying dynamite …pause …and they dynamite is LIT.

Below is my interpretation of Gorilla’s, in our cage (locked OBTW), carryingy lit dynamite:

And we can also make note that China is DUMPING our bonds and blah blah blah. This is the backdrop folks. Until we have a PATTERN (remember: work or fail) then this is all just conjecture … but the USD is on the verge of a breakout that could get it soaring. I can see why it stopped today and I would like a nice orderly pullback to get short some EURO but I really don’t know if that will come.

I don’t think one billionaire is reading this blog right now (if you are, we could use some donations for the next SUP Vet retreat if you’re out there) so it’s mostly just you and I (Joe Retail) playing Cowboy’s and Indian’s.

Either way … might be time to tighten stops, ask yourself how much you want to be drawn down in your 401K and make some adjustments.

Or … not.

Dollar Index Update

The Dollar and the Currency Market is, again, the Gorilla in the corner juggling dynamite.  Per our last post ( we mentioned a potential positive reversal (which has been defeated) and one more target lower in/around 79.53-79.60.  This is EXTREMELY important for the thesis of the Dollar moving up …



Halloween Pound Update …

continuing the saga of the Great British Pound
continuing the saga of the Great British Pound

as I debrief the action in the Pound vs the USD over the past couple days, I can say that, perhaps, I might have done one thing different … a couple days ago we called for a pattern complete in the US Dollar and that coincided w/ the top shown in the GBP.  The GBP is not as prominent in the index as the EURO so I didn’t put that much weight into it.  I had my entry order ready to pounce at the top red line (w/ a stop) and, simply, it never went up there …so far, this count has been working nicely.  would really like the level shown right now on the Pound to hold to go up and attack the area labeled 4 … at that point, after watching price action, we’ll know where we are -1) at the start of a major leg down in the POUND or 2) a corrective move complete w/ one more rally up into our target area.  I don’t know …

Pound Negative Reversal Potential – Long Term Chart

i had the wonderful pleasure to teach, for a little over a year, the Capstone CMT III course…the positive and negative reversal arena usually made both me and the candidates head explode.  so, if you want to read about it and catch some understanding, Google: RSI negative and positive reversal by Connie Brown.

in this case we have a negative reversal, potential, on the POUND vs the USD on  a monthly chart … negative reversal is when the PRICE does NOT make a new high relative to a former peak and the RSI DOES make a new peak.  Basically, price isn’t keeping up so a change in trend might be on the way ….here’s the chart:

Long Term Negative Reversal on the POUND vs the USD (potential)
Long Term Negative Reversal on the POUND vs the USD (potential)

when we move to the weekly I’ve added the “bearish zones” for the RSI and “THINK” this entire range has held the bearish range as shown and is characteristic of a very large 4th wave triangle that lasted 4 years.  recent price action labeled (1) and (2) are the beginnings of a 5th wave that will ultimately take out 1.350 which forecasts a 2500+ pip move in the POUND vs the USD.

bearish RSI zones on the POUND showing how this could POTENTIALLY fit into the context of a 4 year triangle
bearish RSI zones on the POUND showing how this could POTENTIALLY fit into the context of a 4 year triangle


where are we now? well, if you have been following, my target zone of 1.6320 ish never got hit and it was missed by 60 pips which is just too many pips to swallow right now.  so, below is the count I’m watching that could rise us to that area … I have not included the bearish count because it gets too darn confusing (imagine that in Elliott Wave) but the key here is that the “was this the high” could have done it and therefore we are in a wave 3 of something ( :)) so using stops if trying to get long is highly recommended. If we can successfully defend the 1.6020 area and get some THRUST and MOMENTUM going up then perhaps the target will be realized.  If we LOSE 1.5969 then I think the top could be in place and I’m going to have to work like heck to get into a move .. sounds easy on this blog, but in the real world w/ massive moves and swings and a 24 hour market it’s simply hard to do …

where we might be ...
where we might be …

we’ll see and let me know if you have any questions ….



US Dollar as of 10/27/2013 9:00 PM EST

in our last post we discussed the importance of current levels on the dollar or the 78.73 level a little lower.  in “counting terms” believe the dollar is carving out a major bottom in what can be coined an expanded flat corrective move.  if this analysis is correct, I am expecting a major move on the dollar…

the EURO has completed a major retracement, the POUND needs a little higher or right in here, the YEN finished a sell pattern, the SWISS hit a weekly pattern (or perhaps a little lower to the .382) and mulitple other pairs via the USD are showing the potential for a major dollar low in place.  what else?

Commitment of Traders (COT): Non-commercial large futures traders, including hedge funds and large International Monetary Market speculators, cut their overall US dollar long positions to a total of $692.8 million as of Tuesday October 1st.

Here’s the data in chart form …


here’s the dollar index using red arrows to show the BEARISH and the blue arrows to show the BULLISH positions.  NOTE, at the extremes the opposite happened w/ regard to price.

October 27 2013 COT

now, when we take a look at the the EURO we’ll see a pretty amazing picture w/ the net positions shown but this time w/ a price of the EURO vs USD overlaid on top of the positions.  here take a look …


note the price of the EURO vs the USD .. at extreme levels of BEARISH and BULLISH points, the price did the opposite.  When the level of bearishness by the large speculators was extreme the EURO went up and when the level was bullish it went down.  take note of our dollar index we have been following since the end of August …w/ everything being presented here and in the past, certainly looks like being a dollar bull in/around here is the side of the market to be on …

dollar index updated as of 9 PM EST 10/27/2013:

US Dollar Index Weekly
US Dollar Index Weekly


US Dollar Index Daily
US Dollar Index Daily

here is the picture for the UUP w/ potential support points noted … also, believe if the low that we carved out on this chart is taken out by a daily close then all of this analysis is completely incorrect.



Part 2 of Part 1-V on the S&P

Part 1 was a look around the world at different equity indices based on ETF’s:

of note is the Global Equity ETF (ACWI) and the SELL pattern that is appearing as we showed in our last “around the world” update shown below. Overall, nothing to crazy but the analysis appears to have been correct.  Summary: NONE of the “around the world” indices have come even close to making new highs from the 2007-2008 time frame.

ACWI Butterfly Sell Pattern
ACWI Butterfly Sell Pattern

Part 2 was the banks and too big to fail:

The targets w/in the 21-22 area are approaching … the XLF is close to being a sell if not already one.

XLF update
XLF update

Part 3 took a look at technology:

Palladium has an extremely nice sell pattern and multiple patterns were hit or are about to hit …NASDAQ futures have an extremely strong target and sell pattern coming in right here, right now

NAZZIE Futures Continuous Contract
NAZZIE Futures Continuous Contract

Part IV was energy

this is the one sector that isn’t showing a clear SELL signal – yet.  As you can see below w/ the XLE a case can be made for another 10% higher or it needs to start down now…energy could be the one sector that holds this puppy up for now.

Energy, a case could be made for continued strength thereby delaying the move down in the S&P
Energy, a case could be made for continued strength thereby delaying the move down in the S&P

and finally, part V was the look at ratio’s and sector rotation:

the pattern has completed perfectly and even w/ the S&P making new highs, this pattern has held …. this is bearish for the overall equity market.

a turn in this ratio has been present at EVERY major inflection point since 2000.  a BUY in the ratio is a SELL in equities
a turn in this ratio has been present at EVERY major inflection point since 2000. a BUY in the ratio is a SELL in equities



ACWI, XLF, NAZZIE, SELL pattern complete/completing.

XLP/SPX ratio showing a beautiful BUY (SELL equities) pattern …

US DOLLAR low in here or perhaps a little lower

ENERGY needs to be watched like a hawk….

Do you really want to be long this market?  The only way I would stay LONG is if all the above fails and, quite frankly, that could happen.  So, watch ENERGY and DOLLAR strength for first clues.



DAILY S&P CASH sell patterns appearing
DAILY S&P CASH sell patterns appearing





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