Halloween Pound Update …

continuing the saga of the Great British Pound
continuing the saga of the Great British Pound

as I debrief the action in the Pound vs the USD over the past couple days, I can say that, perhaps, I might have done one thing different … a couple days ago we called for a pattern complete in the US Dollar and that coincided w/ the top shown in the GBP.  The GBP is not as prominent in the index as the EURO so I didn’t put that much weight into it.  I had my entry order ready to pounce at the top red line (w/ a stop) and, simply, it never went up there …so far, this count has been working nicely.  would really like the level shown right now on the Pound to hold to go up and attack the area labeled 4 … at that point, after watching price action, we’ll know where we are -1) at the start of a major leg down in the POUND or 2) a corrective move complete w/ one more rally up into our target area.  I don’t know …

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