Great British Pound – again

if your a new reader, check out the below posts on the continuing saga of trying to get short the GBP vs USD:

so, where do we sit now?  below you will find a daily chart of the GBP vs USD and, well, nothing has really changed.  let’s focus on a couple things:

  • the target we had “hoped” for is, quite frankly, still out there and rest at 1.6330.  it is conceivable for one more push into that short zone.
  • the analysis of a multi year triangle completing (big blue 4) is still alive.
  • the move from 4 (big blue) down to the 1 (green) represents 1 0f 5 in a 5th wave decline that “should” take out the 2009 lows.
  • most recent price action is viewed as a 2nd wave correction in a-b-c fashion.  the 1.618*a = c level is at 1.6297 (never hit)
  • here’s the most important part – the 2 month consolidation is either is 1) corrective and an advance to our long standing target will occur OR 2) the most recent high yesterday is “it” and we start down.  I don’t know which is which but I do see a more favorable foldback than the one originally presented on 11/05.
GBP vs USD Daily
GBP vs USD Daily

the foldback can be seen here …

GBP vs USD foldback into Head and Shoulders
GBP vs USD foldback into Head and Shoulders

here  is the 4 hour chart w/ a little more granularity …

GBP vs USD 4 HR chart
GBP vs USD 4 HR chart

will be trying to get short (again) on this potentially MAJOR move … our risk will be anything “closing” on a 4 hour – daily basis above our long term target OR above the 4 (big blue one). at that point I will ERASE everything an go back to the drawing board…

rock on, ok?


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