the XLP / NASDAQ ratio complete a BUY pattern …updated 02/28/2019

02/28/2019 update: well, the target area shown in the original post was shown and held, somewhat. as the bouncing around started to happen from January 22, 2019 till Feb 21, 2019 it certainly created a nice triangle from the classic EWT. a-b-c-d-e and a resumption of the downtrend. We have rallied a little bit after […]

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One of the most important charts out there … R A T I O P O L A R I T Y

11/20/2018 – so, this ratio is running the show right now.  if you read the below NONE of this should be a surprise as the PATTERNS worked and the XLP/QQQ buy pattern has taken off, causing a risk off mindset and the NAZZIE to get blasted.  That being said, all is not lost. While I […]

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monitoring this ratio closely …

CLIFF NOTES: sector rotation is a fact of life …we’ve shown how the institutions follow a well defined script and how, usually, energy is the last shoe to drop before the inevitable correction (it’s different this time) occurs.  ratio’s are important because they show relative strength of something versus something.  In this case, we have the XLP (consumer […]

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important ratios – revisited

For those who have been following me since I started this summer, you’ll find I spend considerable amount of time analyzing the RELATIVE STRENGTH of the STAPLES vs the S&P.  Why?  The theory is that, in times of volatility and/or bearishness the “big guys” (read: institutions) will rotate into a defensive posture such as staples. […]

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