New York Stock Exchange Index – $NYA

the NYSE Index has a TON of stocks in it and is a very good gauge of the overall health of the market.  As you can see there is still a much bigger target (almost perfect – an AB-CD and 1.618 extension on top of each other ON A MONTHLY) out there in/around 14217. But […]

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Continuing to Monitor the XLP / NYA important ratio …

did this for Andy and the gang @seeitmarket: here’s an update as of Friday’s close: If I learned anything from getting my CMT it was the power of ration analysis.  X/Y …. If X is stronger the chart goes up and if Y is stronger then the chart goes down. And, since we are charting […]

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New York Stock Exchange … PATTERN COMPLETE in Price and Time. CAVEAT EMPTOR

Personally, I like this index – why? as far as I know, they no longer have a futures market for it so “what you see is what you get.” From Wikipedia: The NYSE Composite is a stock market index covering all common stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange, including American depositary receipts, real estate investment trusts, tracking stocks, and foreign listings. […]

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