Transports – clear 5 waves down and example of PAYING ATTENTION TO HARMONIC #’s

note, 5 waves down after hitting a MAJOR target zone. last post on Transports:

note, the symmetry of the moves … wave 1 = wave 5 and the internals of wave 3 are perfect … 1 = 5 and 2=4.

you’ll also see some numbers to the side those are projections showing the clear symmetry in the waves

lastly, we were so so close to hitting the 16180 or 1.618 high .. off by .1 percent. anyway…. if you open your eyes to the harmonic ratio you will see a ton of examples.

just to show you … here’s the USD versus the LOONIE on a LONG TERM monthly and note the top …

yes that’s a MONTHLY AB=CD and then, just for shits and giggles went up and tagged 1.618 and “night night.” Just saying … pattern on a harmonic number, pay attention.

anyhoo .. here’s the chart for the transports …

Author: BART

BART is a CMT and an expert a "advanced" pattern recognition used w/in the intermarket analysis discipline. He's also an accomplished Business Development Executive providing solutions to a myriad of business markets.

3 thoughts on “Transports – clear 5 waves down and example of PAYING ATTENTION TO HARMONIC #’s”

  1. OMG and Again!!! This is amazing. I’m currently reading the book you recommended “A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe”. Is there any other books you recommend for Harmonics?

  2. Dear mr. Bart
    aS you know i follow you almost every day to see whether you posted any new charts here. i saw your post IYT and i am little puzzled at my age 75+ it is hard to understand whether it will go up first or down much really and then wave up; sorry for my ignorance but would you be kind enough to explain to this old man please because if it goes down the way you said that wave you going to get NO BODY WILL BE ABLE TO FACE IT and if that is true then we will have big correction in markets if my old brain senses that way and i am not sure whether i am thinking right or wrong? i will certainly thank you for taking time to explain to me
    vick from Desert Arizona where there severe Drought and i know SanDiego has Big ocean


    1. Vick, love when you write to me … thanks. please, if you ever have any questions, keep hitting me back. as for the Transports it is a FACT that we are finishing multiple degrees of 5 waves. Is the most recent high THE top – I do not know. But, if we get a monthly candle taken out to the downside or lose a couple big support zones then probability rises. I believe that the low in place around 14,000 represents a completed wave down. after that there is usually the 3 wave corrective movement a-b-c. Thus, IF the HIGH is in place then we want to see a 3 wave movement UP into a higher area to short. it DOES NOT have to do this and keep going down or keep going up BUT what I try do is find patterns. in the case of the transports the candle that made the HIGH has been taken out on close by the Monthly July candle. that gives credence that a correction should be expected but is it the TOP? I honestly don’t know …but we have a lot of math coming together. does that help? if not, can always jump on a call w/ you or we can email back and forth. I am here to help. I go on vacation for 10 days on WED. so won’t be back till 8/13ish time frame. thanks Vick and keep smiling – Bart

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