update to the “chart of my lifetime”

CLIFF NOTES: we are up almost 3% above the PATTERN that completed from the all time low on the transports some 46,000 ish days ago.  Is that statistically significant?  Well, I honestly don’t know.  We do have the 1.618, 1.68179 (musical note F#) and the 1.732 extension targets that are being played with …so, my […]

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the most important chart in my lifetime

CLIFF NOTES: the most important pattern in the history of the US stock market was hit today.  Period. all time low on Dow Jones Transportation Index was 49.59 on 10/29/1896 that low when used as the key node for retracements was responsible for the LOW in 1987 (.382 retracement ), the LOW in 2003 (EXACT 50 […]

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put the needle on the record, put the needle on the BROKEN record – caveat emptor

apologize for falling off the blog bandwagon early this week…got smacked like a brick in the face w/ a stomach bug. just resurfaced … actually got some emails from you asking where the posts are…thanks! since my record appears to be broken, thought I would add some thoughts from 50+ years of trading…each of these men […]

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