update to the “chart of my lifetime”

CLIFF NOTES: we are up almost 3% above the PATTERN that completed from the all time low on the transports some 46,000 ish days ago.  Is that statistically significant?  Well, I honestly don’t know.  We do have the 1.618, 1.68179 (musical note F#) and the 1.732 extension targets that are being played with …so, my “line in the sand” so to speak will be the 8050 level.  IF WE GET A DAILY CLOSE ABOVE 8050 THEN THIS PATTERN HAS FAILED.  Again, this pattern is 46,000 days “old” and SHOULD be massive resistance.  Not calling for a crash or anything like that but it certainly should pause it.  And, let’s take a look – no swing low has been broken and it just keeps on “trucking” so to speak. (pardon the pun)

here is the post w/ the chart: https://bartscharts.com/2014/04/01/the-most-important-chart-in-my-lifetime/

I do see a 5 wave sequence coming into play so we’ll just have to wait and see …


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