Loonie, OSX, Crude – time for another inflection? UPDATE to the UPDATE

11/5/2016 – Crude Continuous is giving us a nice “heads up” that this move is CORRECTIVE in the scheme of a much larger corrective pattern to finish a big big 4.  the market corrects (most of the time) in 3 waves labeled A-B-C …in this case let’s follow the set up: $26 dollars was the […]

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Loonie, OSX, Crude – time for another inflection? UPDATE

10/24/2016 – target hit on the USD vs LOONIE.  Watch this one carefully.  It “appears” that everyone is thinking of a big breakout but, as you can see, we had multiple targets coming into play and they were hit today. WATCH FOR A DAILY CLOSE BACK BENEATH CHANNEL OR THE .382 as shown.   go […]

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Loonie, OSX, Crude – time for another inflection?

go ahead and follow this link if you want to follow some real time PATTERNS w/ technical analysis and the correlation between the 3 items in the subject line: appears we are at another critical juncture: Crude – 2 buy patterns present. OSX – buy level indicated USD vs LOONIE – multiple patterns present for […]

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Yikes … look at this set up.

It’s ONLY probability ….but look at this set up coming in the USD vs LOONIE (Canadian Dollar) It’s a pretty wide window, but we have a TON of “stuff” coming into play … This will have big ramifications for the Oil Complex. What do we have? Measured Moves blue vertical line is the LARGEST move […]

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Crude, the Loonie and Oil Services Index for 2014

the chart below shows the Oil Services Index $OSX (candles) w/ USDCAD (inverted/line) overlaid on top … some observations: when the blue line (Loonie) is going down it is weak.  when the blue line (Loonie) is going up it’s strong … at most inflection points, the $OSX and Loonie are synchronized nicely. however, for most […]

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