Loonie, OSX, Crude – time for another inflection? UPDATE to the UPDATE

11/5/2016 – Crude Continuous is giving us a nice “heads up” that this move is CORRECTIVE in the scheme of a much larger corrective pattern to finish a big big 4.  the market corrects (most of the time) in 3 waves labeled A-B-C …in this case let’s follow the set up:

  • $26 dollars was the END of 3 of 5
  • $51 was the top of A
  • the 51.92 slight new high (NOTE WAS IN 3 WAVES) was a ‘minor’ b wave and this move lower is ‘c’ to finish the a-b-c sequence of B.
  • the ‘usual’ relationship is 1.618*a = c and note all of the ratio’s come together in/around 31.30-31.60.  THAT’s a GREAT BUY for crude.
    • Else – we could just be arcing out a FLAT and 38 holds it and if we have 5 waves down into 35.70-35.90 that could be it.
  • either way … we are moving into a very nice BUY of crude.

Until we hit that bottom .. the LOONIE will probably not strengthen and churn/burn in around these levels or a little higher. be patient, the move is coming.

here’s the ideal pattern we are watching:


here’s crude:


here’s Loonie vs EURO and USD:




10/24/2016 – target hit on the USD vs LOONIE.  Watch this one carefully.  It “appears” that everyone is thinking of a big breakout but, as you can see, we had multiple targets coming into play and they were hit today.





go ahead and follow this link if you want to follow some real time PATTERNS w/ technical analysis and the correlation between the 3 items in the subject line: https://bartscharts.com//?s=LOONIE

appears we are at another critical juncture:

  • Crude – 2 buy patterns present.
  • OSX – buy level indicated
  • USD vs LOONIE – multiple patterns present for another move in LOONIE strength.

again, these are just patterns folks … but we have a very clearly defined demarcation line for the next move to begin.

stay tuned


charts below, let me know if you have any questions.

page_16-09-20_14-40-24 page_16-09-20_14-43-03 page_16-09-20_14-51-26 page_16-09-20_15-14-05 page_16-09-20_15-23-19 page_16-09-20_15-27-18


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