Swing Low, Sweet Chariot ….


As we have discussed multiple times in this venue, the move since 2009 has been one heck of a ride.  This chariot of stock market emotion is, literally, off the charts.  It is at an extreme that has surpassed 1929, 2000 and 2007.  For the past 6 months it has defied the powerful cycles and patterns we follow.  However, we are at another “potential” inflection point and based on this weeks price action the chariot appears to be running out of gas.  So, objectively, the cycles and patterns we follow appear to be working.  Let’s don’t jump up and down and scream the BEAR MARKET is here till this chariot of the bulls breaks a swing low.

djia march 15 2014

Below you’ll see a quick demonstration of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 2002-2009.  No patterns shown but just an example of the power of the swing low.  Take note, when we lose one swing low there is usually some selling and then it bounces back and, here’s the key point, it fails to make a new high.  Price might congest in this area (going either direction – up or down) and then it starts down.  One thing to watch is “usually” the third swing low. When that gives away, selling is vicious.  So, as much as we see MAJOR patterns completing let’s not get to confident.  THE MAJOR US INDICES HAVE NOT BROKEN ONE SWING LOW IN 5 YEARS.  Over the coming weeks, pay attention to these swing lows and swing highs (note the VIX chart – not one swing high has been taken out since 2007!)
Also, note the Dollar Index swing low track record and the very thin neckline that is coming into play a little lower.  We’ve reached some daily extremes in metals (Gold, Silver) and the Euro and Pound.  Sentiment means nothing when a multi year extreme is taken out and one that has been tested roughly 10 times since 2012.  Folks, a lot of stops are hiding beneath 78-79 on the dollar index.  Certainly hope support holds here …
Dollar Index Swings
so, keep an eye on the swing lows and highs over the coming days and weeks … note price action after a first or second swing low is taken out and, seriously consider safety if/when a 3rd long term swing low is taken out to the up or down side ….
DJU March 15 2014 utility and industrials
dow jones transports march 15 2014

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