Russell 2000 IWM and it’s repeating moves – CAVEAT EMPTOR

measured moves are powerful tools and on long term charts they are very useful for forecasting price moves.  take a look at the chart below … the BLUE arrows are the lengths of the bull moves in the IWM.  appears the current move will converge nicely in/around 113-114.  Then, since we are all working w/ probabilities, what do you think the probability is that we find stiff/major/topping (?) resistance in around that area…? if that doesn’t stop it then watch 120-121 … either way we have the POTENTIAL for, at a minimum a 6th month correction?

last thing is some very easy time study … note the TIME it took for the first blue arrow to go up…now look at the TIME of this move that began at 34.

we have a convergence of PRICE and TIME in and around here … just saying.

IWM price and time coming together here/now or soon!
IWM price and time coming together here/now or soon!

Author: BART

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