IWM – another leg down to complete corrective sequence?

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IWM — checkmate (but crank up Dark Side of the Moon and a glass of wine before reading)

  IWM … so, in October of 2013 (yes, more than a year ago) I was beating the drum of a very important top forthcoming top/target zone in the IWM.  (An ETF of the Russel 2000.) See below the double line area … The zone depicted from that post in October  2013 is below and […]

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IWM it’s almost been a year since our warning

9/22/2014 – the IWM has been getting a lot of news lately and well it should.  just wanted to point out the below charts that warned of 113-120 being very stiff resistance if not a TOP back in November of last year … sure looks like distribution but, knowing nothing of the fundamentals I will […]

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IWM what a perfect set-up

the “zone” of 113-120 should be very strong if not the “top” for a while … if this pattern fails, I’m going into gardening.

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Russell 2000 IWM and it’s repeating moves – CAVEAT EMPTOR

measured moves are powerful tools and on long term charts they are very useful for forecasting price moves.  take a look at the chart below … the BLUE arrows are the lengths of the bull moves in the IWM.  appears the current move will converge nicely in/around 113-114.  Then, since we are all working w/ […]

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