the “Ray Charles” count on BIDU

counting waves is hard … you have to develop your eye and you have to figure out when to trust a count or just let it go and “hope” (a strategy) that the count will show itself.  I particularly like counts on long term monthly type of charts.  simply,  all the noise is filtered out and you can get a good look/feel for the overall macro trend in place.

take a look at BIDU …from a counting perspective it’s simply a wonderful picture.  just recently we took out that high of wave 3 so the minimum expectation has been met but there is some serious strength so perhaps we go up and tag the 180’s-200’s.  here’s what I do know … that count is something Ray Charles could see! (nothing against Mr. Charles – his music and soul changed the world)

so caveat emptor w/ BIDU and isn’t interesting to see BIDU in the last stages of it’s count as the NASDAQ is going up and tagging the targets we are watching closely … things that make you go hmmmmm


BIDU 5 wave count
BIDU 5 wave count

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