Where did that Crude Oil Support Trend Line Come From?

Cliff Notes: if your new to this blog you’ll find that it’s all based on geometry and pattern recognition.  If you take a look at weekly crude it’s not hard to see that beautiful support line that’s been holding crude up since September 2009. So, when I see that I say “why” and “what’s important […]

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Crude, the Loonie and Oil Services Index for 2014

the chart below shows the Oil Services Index $OSX (candles) w/ USDCAD (inverted/line) overlaid on top … some observations: when the blue line (Loonie) is going down it is weak.  when the blue line (Loonie) is going up it’s strong … at most inflection points, the $OSX and Loonie are synchronized nicely. however, for most […]

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Part IV and “your time is gonna come”

this is the Part IV post from a couple months ago: this energy sector needs to be watched … the OSX, XOI, XLE are painting  the same picture as they have gone up in the context of targets that have now been hit or are completing just a little higher. Crude, however, has been […]

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Crude Oil … a potential roadmap

I enjoy this chart, not only for the amazing dynamics of the math and harmony but … I’ll tell you in a minute here’s why – it occurred on my birthday!  🙂  July 11, 2008 was the high on crude … anyway, I have to admit that this scenario I am putting out on the […]

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