Silver redux

almost 4 years ago I blogged about the Silver Fractal that was present in the LONG TERM (going back to 1972) Silver futures (continuous contract) chart. here’s the link to the blog: so where are we now. Pay attention to the bottom formed in the 1990-2000 – it took a decade to consolidate. have … Continue reading “Silver redux”

Silver and the Sun King

always enjoyed this song … the Sun is kind of cool. if your going to study this chart below then also spend some time doing a quick search of “SILVER” on ….14 level is a BIG DEAL based on patterns …here’s the link: feeling pretty confident we have started a really really strong … Continue reading “Silver and the Sun King”

Silver Roadmap Continued – getting tricky

if you go to @seeitmarket and also “search” Silver on this site you’ll see we have been watching inflections at 8/0z and then 48 oz and, most recently, the low that came into 14/oz. conversation has been around a “big low” at 14 and potential new highs OR a corrective bounce.  at this point in … Continue reading “Silver Roadmap Continued – getting tricky”

THE silver fractal … you want to study this chart

Fractals … see below for the definition. In the market, it happens all the time. The same PATTERN in FORM is playing itself out – from a fractal perspective – on a 5 minute chart and on a Monthly.  It’s actually pretty amazing to see … trust me, you won’t see them w/ the mess … Continue reading “THE silver fractal … you want to study this chart”

Gold and Silver Update ….and some more of the metals

CLIFF NOTES: a case is made, below, that inflection points in the ratio of GOLD/SILVER cause big movements in the spot gold and silver prices.  Also, it appears that Gold lags.  We are at a resistance level which “might” be one of those inflection points so expect the metals to get moving NOW or SOON. … Continue reading “Gold and Silver Update ….and some more of the metals”

Silver following the script part IV

I would encourage anyone new to this blog to go thru the following past blogs to get an update on where we are ….the link is here: the big question “is the high in/around 50 a wave III or a wave V?” I REALLY like it being a wave III because the current correction … Continue reading “Silver following the script part IV”

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