Gold and Silver Update ….and some more of the metals

CLIFF NOTES: a case is made, below, that inflection points in the ratio of GOLD/SILVER cause big movements in the spot gold and silver prices.  Also, it appears that Gold lags.  We are at a resistance level which “might” be one of those inflection points so expect the metals to get moving NOW or SOON. […]

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Silver and 14/oz

Cliff Notes: sure looks like a 4th wave triangle working out …a,b,c,d,e and we are in a rally up for e and then down into 14.  EXPECT 14 to be BIG TIME support.  Also, this is showing the high as 3.  I have mentioned before I am really not sure if it was a 3 […]

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Silver update …

for review, here’s the past Silver work … CLIFF NOTES: complex correction unfolding in (4) – waiting for the 14 level to BUY on Silver.  $$$$ question – was the high up in/around 50 a 3 or 5?  Not sure..either way 14 is a pattern.

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