Silver and the Sun King

always enjoyed this song … the Sun is kind of cool.

Beatles, The 3

if your going to study this chart below then also spend some time doing a quick search of “SILVER” on ….14 level is a BIG DEAL based on patterns …here’s the link:

feeling pretty confident we have started a really really strong short squeeze LONG silver play in a C wave that’s going to go higher than anyone is expecting …

why the “Sun King” reference?

well … it’s usually a good thing to keep track of the Sun and it’s position relative to where it is in the zodiac.  In this case, we bottomed at 14 on December 01, 2014 and the sun was located at 249 degrees geo.  (earth centered).  IF we move the sun 249 days from that low we get (missed by a day) the recent low in Silver. I know, I know it’s all “voo doo” and “chicken bones” and it doesn’t make any sense.  Ummmm, yup.

Also, note that his PATTERN had 1.05946*ab = cd and it landed on the .9438 retracement.  (1/1.05946 = .9438)  Monstrous sentiment against the metals, the LOW had not been taken out and a PATTERN.  Throw some “sun king” in there and well, let’s all take a ride on the Yellow Submarine …




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