Crude Oil Approaching BIG low …update to the update to the update

12/06/2017  – looks like we are smacking into some large resistance from a time and price perspective. here or a little higher should do it for Crude for now.


2/2/2017 – can’t believe it’s been over a year since I posted on crude – but I guess it has. as you can see below, the ‘math’ tagged the low in crude.

where do we go from here? well, the ‘easy count’ and that’s what I’m into says – perhaps – a little higher and then down to take out 26 ?

no way, right? You Never Know.




1/11/2016 update.

note the percentage corrections … certainly looks like 30 and 25 are possibility. Especially since the OSX/NYA ratio hasn’t bottomed along w/ the Loonie but i do believe we are getting ready for a big bounce.





Crude Continuous Monthly Log

Crude Continuous Monthly Log

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