Crude Oil Update, ratio of XLE/NYA, HYG and Crude and a bunch of other stuff

11/10/2018 – overall, our key 75-76 level was hit and has caused the sell off. take a look at the charts below … some critical developments: the XLE/NYSE Index ratio has hit a perfect BUY PATTERN so expecting the energy complex to bounce/hold/consolidate as this level holds.  IF IT FAILS then the sell off will […]

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Crude Oil Approaching BIG low …update to the update to the update

12/06/2017  – looks like we are smacking into some large resistance from a time and price perspective. here or a little higher should do it for Crude for now. ——————————————————————————————————————————- 2/2/2017 – can’t believe it’s been over a year since I posted on crude – but I guess it has. as you can see below, […]

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Crude BUY pattern present – update

06/30/2017 – note measured moves up (blue arrows) – would use those as targets for now. As long as loonie continues to thump the USD, then this might have legs beyond those measured moves. B ____________________________________________________________________________________________

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Crude Oil … a potential roadmap

10/2/2014: we are at a very crucial junction w/ regards to Crude Oil.  the big picture is resolving and, quite frankly, I’m not sure which BIG directional move to favor so i’m just going to TRUST the PATTERN that might have completed today.  There’s an interpretation on IF the patterns works AND if the pattern […]

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let’s talk Crude Oil ..

man today was a blast, hugh? ebola, dudes attacking the white house, ISIS, Russia, Hong Kong Riots … let’s make life easy and watch the patterns! look at this amazing BUY appearing on CRUDE ….for us pattern recognition dudes/dudettes we could care a less till 84-87 is targeted. rock on, ok? B

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Energy is usually the last shoe to drop

CLIFF NOTES: below you will see a butterfly top coming into play in the XLE.  98 and/or 110 should act as major resistance.  Let’s take a look at the potential set-up’s coming into play: DJ Transports have completed a MAJOR BEAR pattern w/ the AB=CD completing from the late 1800’s. DJ Utilities have a MAJOR […]

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