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Folks, you know that part of Pink Floyd Echoes around 14 minutes into it when the Seagulls are flying? I always love that part and always ask myself “self, why did they put that in there? It’s perfect.”

The entire 23:32 is perfect harmony and proportion and transitions … and tonight, for whatever reason, it reminded me of a post that I did on the “Music of the New York Stock Exchange Index” – copied below.  I did it on August 09, 2015 as I had a “gut feeling” that we were due for stiff resistance.

I have NO IDEA what is going to happen tomorrow.  If you notice, of late, I’ve been putting out a bunch of BUY PATTERNS (IBB, JNK, BABA, IBM, GOOG) and guess what – they might work and they might not work.  ALL I KNOW IS WHERE I’M WRONG …

That makes life so easy …I’m not trying to read another analyst report about the fundamentals, or blue horse shoe on XXX.  I trust that my patterns will be 100 percent every single time.  100 percent at telling me where I’m wrong … the patterns are based on musical theory, vibrations and a bunch of other stuff.  Do yourself a favor … try to study them and take all the other shit off your chart.

So, on that note … take the time to STUDY this chart.  Using the all time low back in the 1970’s on the $NYA you’ll find amazing support and resistance simply based on using that all time low as the SEED and multiply by 1.05946.  Every 12 notes, we have an octave.  Every 12 notes we also have the 12 disciples, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 tribes of Israel and, in the end, the 12 cranial nerves.  Again, I digress …but also, REALLY PAY attention to the second chart and follow the bouncing ball.  Remember – TIME equals PRICE.  🙂


PS – 5th octave, 5 fingers and toes, 5 “working days”, I’ll stop.



equal octave scale of music is based on the 12th root of 2 … 1.05946. (darn there goes those square roots again)

taking the all time low of 346 we can project price just like we do music.

if you look below, it’s good to pay attention to where an octave ends … looks like we just completed 5 octaves, almost perfectly, on the $NYA.


so, if PRICE equals TIME (which it does) THEN we can take a PRICE delta between an octave – in this case between Octave 4 and Octave 5 (non log) and look for a time cycles to spin out from important highs and lows? right?

please see below ….


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BART is a CMT and an expert a "advanced" pattern recognition used w/in the intermarket analysis discipline. He's also an accomplished Business Development Executive providing solutions to a myriad of business markets.

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