Who gives a crap about “zero price points” – musical chartist’s do …

cannot wait to see the hate mail that comes in on this one ….

first off – everything – to the best of my ability –  that I post is “real time.”  If I don’t have something real time I will mention it.

so – zero price?  who cares, right ?

well, here we go again, in times of extreme parabolic blow offs the ONLY thing that is going to hold it back or up is the zero price point and geometry.

just saying … don’t believe me?  here’s XLV as it took off and note – top of the circle was at 76. So, it missed it by a dollar .. shoot me.





for good measure … why not? It’s my blog right?


PS – in the picture above, the feet are “0” price …. cheers!


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