XLP/NYA ratio analysis – an update

06/09/2019 – back to our old favorite. you know I’ve been watching this one for a while. I was hawking a low in the ratio in mid-2018 but missed it from a time perspective … then, in retrospect, easily saw the measured move and the .786 retrace. I’m human, I missed it. should have been […]

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RATIO ANALYSIS of XLP/NYSE Index – ain’t bearish folks, yet (UPDATE June 3, 2018)

06/03/2018 – quick update to the XLP/NYA ratio.  Still waiting for a BULLISH SRC to signal a ‘institutional shift’ to risk off assets in the form of staples and this ratio finding support (XLP / NYA) and starting to rise. While we did get a BULLISH MONTHLY HAMMER CANDLE in May we still have lower […]

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XLP / $NYA – wow, what a “perfect” sell pattern on the ratio – means BUY equities (if it fails, watch out) UPDATE

09/17/2016 – as you can see below, this SELL the ratio (BUY THE NYA Index) worked very nicely.  Again, for those of you new to my blog the concept is this: Me or You individually don’t do a darn thing to move the market.  It’s the INSTITUTIONS that make the market.  When they get ‘risk […]

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this is ‘kind of important’ … I think… and you might want to read to the bottom

everyone is talking about low volatility .. trust me, I hear ya. but man, do I love me some ratio’s …here’s the deal, put one security over another and guess what. If it’s going HIGHER then the numerator is stronger and if it’s going LOWER the denominator is stronger. BOOM … so, a couple weeks […]

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heads up the party’s going into the late night … might want to call Uber

12/17/ 2016 – it’s been since June that I’ve posted about the ratio.  for more information see below …bottom line is when the party is raging the “big dudes” bail out of conservative plays (consumer staples) and roll into tech and other more ‘risky’ assets.  If you look at the below – purely from technical […]

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XLP / $NYA – wow, what a “perfect” sell pattern on the ratio – means BUY equities (if it fails, watch out)

here’s the power of this ratio: ratio BOTTOMS, at the BUY pattern of the ratio – SELL equities when the ratio TOPS then BUY equities we have a wonderful SELL the ratio pattern which means Equities should be bottoming for a BUY swing trade of the US equity structure. DANGER WILL ROBINSON … […]

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