TWTR update as of July 21, 2018

7/21/2018 – FWIW, got a new paddle and it rocks. spent time yesterday in the water paddling w/ a buddy up near Dana Point CA.  most epic …

anyhoo, as you read below we have hit the lower end of the target area.  take a second and think about it – roughly a month ago we came up w/ targets for the price to respect.  NOTHING about fundamentals – all patterns, measured move and blah blah. TWTR went up and tagged em’ and looks heavy …

so, IF still a BULL (I’m neither a BULL or a BEAR – just a pattern dude) then the highlighted green area below SHOULD hold (think polarity principle) and TWTR SHOULD start another leg up in/around that area.  If we get a weekly close below the lower area, i would start thinking of cutting it or lightning the long position.

enjoy, get out in the water …




06/09/2018 – train left the station on me for TWTR. never reached the $10 ish pattern level. Oh well, “better to be out of the market wishing you were in than in the market and wishing you were out …”

for those long this puppy we have a VERY strong target zone of 46-52.

using some polarity, would stay long into this zone as long as we don’t break down below 36-38 on a weekly closing basis.

TWTR got the Trump Bump I guess … LOL (just making a joke folks, no need for any chaotic political commentary.

Off to surf … w/ a sub par paddle.  Snapped my good one last night for a sunset paddle … bummer.



10/18/2016 -if you have read my blog, you know that I really don’t have a clue about the fundamentals or anything like that. pure patterns, all the time.

I’ve been doing work on TWTR (just search for TWTR in the search on my blog) and you can see that the 10 area was the long term target. when it got down to about 13 and took off I was like “oh well, didn’t hit the pattern, so next.”

but something happened and now we are resting on the .786 .  if that breaks to the downside then it appears ready to perhaps go towards the pattern in/around 9-10.

stay tuned …



TWTR angles …and Jupiter

it’s a common practice – an a good one – to draw “trend lines” from high to high or low to low.

essentially, trying to connect highs and lows.  it does work …but if you stop and think about it, what are trend lines?

they are points in PRICE and TIME that the market balances and either bounces off of them OR  goes thru them and, as a chartist, you hit erase and get back to work.  you never know “which” one is going to be the “best” or “work” but they do work.

so I like to play around w/ trend lines …

  • if Twitter, on 12.26.2013 topped (O/C) around 72 bucks and started down THEN how about a 72 degree trend line down?
  • if Twitter then bottomed around 30, how about a 30 degree trend line up …?
  • if the market vibrates ( I believe it does and truly DO NOT CARE if you do – just saying what if) then energy foot prints from the planets might leave a signature?  perhaps?
    • so, using HELIOCENTRIC (sun centered) movements what if we did a 1:1 correspondence of “points moved to distance traveled?”
    • let’s use easy numbers like – say 10.
    • so, move Jupiter 10 degrees helio and move price 10 degrees and draw a trend line thru that …?
      • might be crazy but that Jupiter Helio constant movement give us a nice slope, doesn’t it?

again, it’s a sunday morning and I’m just messing around …


$TWTR pointing to 10/share, updated

1/13/2016 – updated

folks, look, I have no idea where the market is going.  I just “see” and “feel” PATTERNS.

the math said 10, not some crystal ball or any of that …. once it broke thru the .786 (math based only) it will see the last low and usually extend down … that’s what it’s doing. it MIGHT GET TO 10 and IT MIGHT GET BELOW 10.


in/around 10 – BUY $TWTR or don’t.

here’s the updated chart …




$TWTR going to 10? Maybe ...
$TWTR going to 10? Maybe …

$TWTR square roots …

I received a lot of “comments” from people about my most recent GoPro post.

No kidding, people were vehemently angry … folks, not trying to make anyone angry or anything like that, it’s a blog and I enjoy sharing my thoughts as it 1) makes me think about the next investment in currencies, 2) solidifies my thought process, 3) helps me maintain my skill and 4) pr0vides some education on a POTENTIAL way to manage risk in these markets.  So, if you get all bent out of shape because the “geometry” says GPRO can go to XXX or YYY.  Don’t worry about it ok …


I DO NOT CARE about a particular securities fundamentals, profitability or any of that .. if you do, great.  if you don’t, great. 

A couple people have approached me and asked me to blog about square roots.


it’s theory is musical in the frequency of a string and the tension are components of the square roots of it’s length and 1/square root of tension and blah blah blah.  not going to any farther than that …

the “ancients” believed that the numbers 1-5, their square roots and the inverse of those square roots were responsible for all of creation.  sounds cool and not going to debate if it’s true or not but somehow they knew how to PRECISELY calculate every eclipse, planetary synodic period and, OBTW, the exact end of the great year (26,000 years ish) and some other cool stuff.

so, if Pythagoras (smart dude) discovered the power of ratio’s and musical theory AND the slight possibility that the market is vibrations and musical then there must be a square root component – correct?



so in order to reinforce my belief that there is a natural vibration and harmony to the market I chose a random stock – TWITTER to check it out. (I was just on my Twitter feed so that’s why …) I truly had no idea where this was going to take me – those of you who know me realize that I really didn’t and then some of you will think I planned it.  Folks, I didn’t …I erased everything on my TWITTER chart and just pulled out a calculator.

So, take a ride on the TWITTER train and note the PRICE component of the square roots starting w/ the low of 39.  There is also a timing component of the square root – we’ll do that sometime in the future.

The Gann Square of 9 is based on square roots …one full trip around the circle is the (square root of XXX+/-2)^2.  If you want to go 2 trips around then it’s +/- 4 ….note the all time low on Twitter – it was a 2 trip turn around the wheel from 75 AND a 1.27 (square root of 1.618) extension.  When that happens (overlapping square root target and pattern levels overlap) it’s a good probability that ‘stuff’ is going to happen.

Also note, just like we do “typical” projections from price we can do the same thing w/ the square root targets … we used Pi, the golden mean and the square roots of 2 and 5 to project POTENTIAL inflection points.

ALL OF THEM HIT … so, one has to ask “self, does the entire trading Twitter universe know about the square roots or is something else happening?”

You do the math (that was a joke) and decide for yourself.

No matter what your trading/investing style is HOPEFULLY this will show you how powerful square roots can be to manage risk.





TWTR … BUY PATTERN appearing but caveat emptor

here’s the post on the fund that tracks Social Media (SOCM)

it is showing signs of a 5 wave top … now, we simply don’t know if this is the 1st of 5 to come or it’s the end of the emotional euphoria over social media.  perhaps another high flyer can give us a sense?  TWTR is showing the BEST BUY pattern of the bunch.  the entire 50-56 area, w/ 54 being especially important, is key support.  I have put a wave count that uses the IPO price of 26 as the beginning and then off to the races.

here’s my last two witter posts:

obviously, who ever got in on the TWTR IPO doubled their money so good on them … interesting to note, and shown on the chart below, is the .618 price projection of the SELL PATTERN back around 44 held price EXACTLY and then off we went. (38.81)

just like the last JPM Morgan (JPM) post – trade what you see.  I see a BUY PATTERN appearing on TWTR.  If it WORKS (I don’t know if it will or won’t) then we could go up and see new highs.  If it fails and goes below 50, then this count is WRONG and it’s back to the drawing board.

take note of the SOCM post – it looks due for a big correction – that is – the entire space.  So, just make sure to keep an eye on these levels …it’s a BUY PATTERN but I still recommend CAVEAT EMPTOR.


A look at the high flyers in 2014 – all lower significantly!

I am neither bearish nor bullish.  I am a pattern recognition trader that puts everything into the context of human behavior.  the rally from 2009 is so over stretched that 2014 will bring, potentially, a down side move of enormous proportions.  There I have said it …simply based on the MONTHLY (read long term) SELL PATTERNS present this is going to be a THUMP.  If the PATTERNS FAIL (which they do, obviously) then the band will play on … I just don’t see it happening and, quite frankly, i am alone in my thinking.

The bullishness present RIGHT NOW is the most extreme it’s been in the history of the stock market …do you want me to type it again?  Here’s a look at the high flyers and, again, I think they will all be lower, significantly.  Hope I’m wrong…

GOOG: note the same pattern and measured move that is present.  Tried at/around 925 and got my clock cleaned.  in prove it mode now … but sure looks done.

AMZN: a 5 wave count is present and I was looking for a top lower, but got run over by the euphoria present in the market.  this doesn’t change the count, it’s just going to hurt that much more …

PCLN: again, a clear 5 wave count present and a high flyer of AMAZING proportions .. perhaps a little higher to targets shown?  but 5th wave is weakening.

TSLA: bounce occurred as expected .. believe it will start, in earnest once the new year rolls around.

TWTR: bouncing today, but possible count complete.  believe this stock is going to get smoked

FB: unorthodox count but one that makes sense .. basically, this entire move has been a corrective expanded flat and FB will go to single digits.

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