TWTR update as of July 21, 2018

7/21/2018 – FWIW, got a new paddle and it rocks. spent time yesterday in the water paddling w/ a buddy up near Dana Point CA.  most epic …

anyhoo, as you read below we have hit the lower end of the target area.  take a second and think about it – roughly a month ago we came up w/ targets for the price to respect.  NOTHING about fundamentals – all patterns, measured move and blah blah. TWTR went up and tagged em’ and looks heavy …

so, IF still a BULL (I’m neither a BULL or a BEAR – just a pattern dude) then the highlighted green area below SHOULD hold (think polarity principle) and TWTR SHOULD start another leg up in/around that area.  If we get a weekly close below the lower area, i would start thinking of cutting it or lightning the long position.

enjoy, get out in the water …




06/09/2018 – train left the station on me for TWTR. never reached the $10 ish pattern level. Oh well, “better to be out of the market wishing you were in than in the market and wishing you were out …”

for those long this puppy we have a VERY strong target zone of 46-52.

using some polarity, would stay long into this zone as long as we don’t break down below 36-38 on a weekly closing basis.

TWTR got the Trump Bump I guess … LOL (just making a joke folks, no need for any chaotic political commentary.

Off to surf … w/ a sub par paddle.  Snapped my good one last night for a sunset paddle … bummer.



10/18/2016 -if you have read my blog, you know that I really don’t have a clue about the fundamentals or anything like that. pure patterns, all the time.

I’ve been doing work on TWTR (just search for TWTR in the search on my blog) and you can see that the 10 area was the long term target. when it got down to about 13 and took off I was like “oh well, didn’t hit the pattern, so next.”

but something happened and now we are resting on the .786 .  if that breaks to the downside then it appears ready to perhaps go towards the pattern in/around 9-10.

stay tuned …



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