I like to draw circles … just work w/ me. how the 1987 low and recent high are connected by geometry

a couple weeks ago I posted this: it was some geometric work I did on JPM and ‘real time’ the top of a circle. I do have a theory of ‘why’ this technique works in projecting support or resistance but I’ll leave that to me and some of my friends. it really doesn’t matter – […]

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the finishing of the Octave .. just a little higher UPDATED

08/05/2017 – continuing to follow our target for the DJIA in/around the 22,346 area.  I believe that the market is harmonic and vibratory.  Over the course of the years I hope to have shown people how to use patterns to manage risk. sometimes they are right and sometimes they aren’t … so, here’s an updated […]

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the finishing of the Octave .. just a little higher

12/16/2016 – just updating this chart to show some potential targets I’ve been watching on the Dow Jones. I don’t know how high it’s going folks but I feel very confident that 2009-now is a BIG 5.  Like a big 5 since the 1800’s five … if you are REALLY into this stuff like I […]

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this takes time to digest … slow down and read/study it

  CLIFF NOTES: the market has rallied since the August lows … this move up is impulsive which give probability to the bulls that were going to continue. that being said, SELL patterns are present as of the past couple days so I expect resistance or a churn for the next week.  In looking at […]

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musical note E, 1896, 1987, 2007 and now

What a great day yesterday … was working thru what my wife calls the “man flu,” it was pouring rain and nothing but great college football and logs.  I know, that was geeky but during half-time of the Navy vs AF game I just sat down in front of my computer and said “self, let’s […]

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CHANCE favors the prepared mind …

I have learned almost everything I know about the TRADERS MINDSET from Larry Pesavento of  He first introduced me to harmonic pattern recognition and after about 6 months I had trained my eye (thru his tutelage) to understand and see the swings.  Others – Michael Jenkins (www.stockcyclesforecast) have fined tuned my understanding of vibrations, […]

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