the finishing of the Octave .. just a little higher UPDATED

08/05/2017 – continuing to follow our target for the DJIA in/around the 22,346 area.  I believe that the market is harmonic and vibratory.  Over the course of the years I hope to have shown people how to use patterns to manage risk. sometimes they are right and sometimes they aren’t …

so, here’s an updated monthly chart showing the approaching Octave target.  does the market have to respect it – OF COURSE NOT – but the math doesn’t lie so I’ve been waiting to see what happens for a while.  come on you DJIA – just a little higher and let’s see what happens!

also, note the square out in TIME and PRICE that occurred (pretty much) on Friday.

44190 calendar days since the all time low in 1896.  44190/2 = 22094 about 2-3 points from the close.  close enough?

It’s all probability folks …

have a great weekend.



12/16/2016 – just updating this chart to show some potential targets I’ve been watching on the Dow Jones. I don’t know how high it’s going folks but I feel very confident that 2009-now is a BIG 5.  Like a big 5 since the 1800’s five …

if you are REALLY into this stuff like I am … take some time to read the blog below.  here’s the targets for now and as always let me know if you have any questions.

basically, over the coming months is another 10 percent move that out of the question?

shown is the ‘basic’ AB=CD from the all time low in the late 1800’s up into the 2007-2008 top and then projecting … AB=CD, then some octave stuff and geometry stuff.  Hang on … it’s going to be a wild ride.

I want to see if the music is math and what happens when we complete the OCTAVE …




What a great day yesterday … was working thru what my wife calls the “man flu,” it was pouring rain and nothing but great college football and logs.  I know, that was geeky but during half-time of the Navy vs AF game I just sat down in front of my computer and said “self, let’s see if music is really involved in the market.”  I think it is …

  • I have never done this before, what you see is the result of starting from the all time low of 28.48 on 08/08/1896 some 43,250 calendar days ago as of this posting and simply “did the math.”
  • Background:
    • the frequency of a string is:
      • inversely proportional to the square root of its length and
      • directly proportional to square root of it’s tension
      • here is a chart of the notes and the ratio’s and their inverses


  • Here is the math:
    • 28.48 LN = 3.3492
    • 3.34492 + ratio of equal octave scale = XXX
    • anti-log of XXX = YYY
    • plot YYY on long term monthly of DJIA


  • For example:
    • NOTE E: ratio 1.259921 and the inverse 1/1.259921 = .7937005
    • 3.3492+.7937005 = 4.1429005
    • 4.1386205 anti-log = 13896
      • interesting to note how close that was to the top in 2007
      • some 20 years prior the same “E” was wreaking havoc – here’s the math
        • 3.3492+.07937005 (note the  number stays the same – JUST SHIFT THE DECIMAL POINT) = 3.42857005
        • anti-log of 3.42857005 =2683

is it any coincidence that the musical note E was found in 1987 and 2007 from the all time low in 1896?


So what does this mean?  Well, take a look at the chart … in 1997 the market came up and started another octave and has been banging in/around C-E for the past 20+ years. Note, the market did not CLOSE below the start of the octave “C” in 2009 … if I was in charge (and trust me I’m not) I sure think this market naturally wants to finish it’s symphony, so to speak, so is 22K out of the question?  Who knows but I’m certainly going to be aware of these long term targets from 1896 as a guide.

Here’s a look on the way down …


Happy Hunting and study up …


Author: BART

BART is a CMT and an expert a "advanced" pattern recognition used w/in the intermarket analysis discipline. He's also an accomplished Business Development Executive providing solutions to a myriad of business markets.

2 thoughts on “the finishing of the Octave .. just a little higher UPDATED”

  1. what is next & how big correction will follow or the bear market will start? Looks like Octave is about to finish now.

    1. first we have to see if the level will be respected. not sure it will or it won’t … it’s ‘finishing’ the octave but it could also be blown right thru. I’m going to see how the level is or is not respected before doing some downside projections. hope this helps.

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