Blackstone Group .. they always show their cards at the ‘perfect’ time …

I remember sending a client either a text or an email … don’t remember which medium but the content was basically “man, that’s going to stink IPO’ing right at a top for Blackstone….”

Just today I read that are leading the biggest buyout since the 2007-2009 financial crisis … are they a reliable contrarian indicator?  Who knows, but it’s something we might want to watch …

Thanks BX!


Honored to present at the Chart Summit this weekend ..

here is the brief, click on the link below:

Chart Summit

Amazing event JC …

Elliott Wave, Porn Hub, Hawaii Missile Warning and @chartsummit. From Bitcoin to Boners …

Thrilled to be a part of the upcoming Chart Summit  hosted by the infamous wine connoisseur, sushi expert and occasional chart geek JC from @allstartcharts.

I owe a lot to JC as he is the one who got me blogging years ago and I am extremely proud of everything he has done for his business and the advancement of TA in the GLOBAL marketplace. He has NEVER changed his character and zest for life .. keep it up dude.

I’m going to present on harmonics, vibration, music, geometry and all that ‘other’ stuff that has no place in the market and doesn’t work.  Trust me, I get it, but it’s the only way I know how to manage risk. ZERO business school classes (my first 11 years out of college (if you want to call it that – USNA) were flying fighters and then software and some consulting and I just kept going down the path of “the numbers where a stock, currency, bond, commodity inflect MEAN SOMETHING.” Read More

now the 7th update on the US Dollar

01/03/2018 – our low forecasted in September below came in ‘on time’ and I’ve been waiting for the next pattern to appear.  Please see below and consider:

  • this is a PERFECT BUY pattern but just like the XLF sell pattern a few months ago they can and will fail!  so, we are pretty much here, now, for a BUY DOLLAR.  If it fails, much like the XLF took off to the upside, the dollar could accelerate to the downside – big time.  so, let’s see what happens …
  • also, if you look ‘way’ down this blog you’ll see the question around is this an A-B-C correction that started back in 2008 OR a 1,2,3,4,5 with a monstrous bull trend in the dollar?  one of the 3 rules of Elliot Wave is that 4 can’t go below (or above) the end of 1 .. right now, if we are in a bull trend THEN the $$$ index can’t close (weekly or monthly for me) below the dashed red line.  It’s sitting around 89-90.
  • also note the updated dashed yellow boxes … in all but 1 (the purple box) of the bounces off the cycle low they pretty much did the same thing and then took off.  That fractal pattern appears to be in play here … so need to see some nice thrust and strength out of this BUY pattern to give the bulls a warm fuzzy.
  • went down to a 4 hour chart to show the geometry and ratio’s at play in this BUY pattern.

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I STILL think this is a big deal … Utilities… an update…and another update

1/2/2018- after the failure of the measured move target, we came up with some additional targets. it certainly appears we have TWO 3-drives to a top patterns coming together w/ very nice time symmetry.  not to sound the alarm here BUT this has the makings of a very important and large top for the Utility sector.


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Heating Oil … never done a correction bigger than 73% and were pretty much there …UPDATE

1/1/2018 – update to heating oil.  first off, learn to use percentage moves on log charts.  this was certainly a beauty.  second, looks like some stiff resistance coming up for Heating Oil. Yes, I know we have frigid temperatures BUT trade what you see not what you believe … Read More

Cocoa – long term monthly set up, perhaps a little lower

watching the ETF NIB.  concerned w/ liquidity but it’s a long term pattern …

Bitcoin and it’s Parabolic Rise over @seeitmarket an update

12/21/2017 – have been vacationing w/ the family in Cabo.  Great time … below is the updated chart of Bitcoin Index.  would like to see another move lower to complete an A-B – C correction.




$NFLX another short swing at the bat? Perhaps? UPDATED 12/7/2017

12/7/2017 – binging on Narco’s right now. Awesome series .. binged on Stranger Things w/ family.  All that being said, no change since October … just thinking it’s too risky to establish a LONG here …


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Crude Oil Approaching BIG low …update to the update to the update

12/06/2017  – looks like we are smacking into some large resistance from a time and price perspective. here or a little higher should do it for Crude for now.


2/2/2017 – can’t believe it’s been over a year since I posted on crude – but I guess it has. as you can see below, the ‘math’ tagged the low in crude.

where do we go from here? well, the ‘easy count’ and that’s what I’m into says – perhaps – a little higher and then down to take out 26 ?

no way, right? You Never Know.


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