I STILL think this is a big deal … Utilities… an update…and another update

1/2/2018- after the failure of the measured move target, we came up with some additional targets. it certainly appears we have TWO 3-drives to a top patterns coming together w/ very nice time symmetry.  not to sound the alarm here BUT this has the makings of a very important and large top for the Utility sector.


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Heating Oil … never done a correction bigger than 73% and were pretty much there …UPDATE

1/1/2018 – update to heating oil.  first off, learn to use percentage moves on log charts.  this was certainly a beauty.  second, looks like some stiff resistance coming up for Heating Oil. Yes, I know we have frigid temperatures BUT trade what you see not what you believe … Read More

Cocoa – long term monthly set up, perhaps a little lower

watching the ETF NIB.  concerned w/ liquidity but it’s a long term pattern …

Bitcoin and it’s Parabolic Rise over @seeitmarket an update

12/21/2017 – have been vacationing w/ the family in Cabo.  Great time … below is the updated chart of Bitcoin Index.  would like to see another move lower to complete an A-B – C correction.





GE for a friend … let me know if you have any questions.

12/7/2017 – see below. it’s pretty darn busted up …

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$NFLX another short swing at the bat? Perhaps? UPDATED 12/7/2017

12/7/2017 – binging on Narco’s right now. Awesome series .. binged on Stranger Things w/ family.  All that being said, no change since October … just thinking it’s too risky to establish a LONG here …


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Crude Oil Approaching BIG low …update to the update to the update

12/06/2017  – looks like we are smacking into some large resistance from a time and price perspective. here or a little higher should do it for Crude for now.


2/2/2017 – can’t believe it’s been over a year since I posted on crude – but I guess it has. as you can see below, the ‘math’ tagged the low in crude.

where do we go from here? well, the ‘easy count’ and that’s what I’m into says – perhaps – a little higher and then down to take out 26 ?

no way, right? You Never Know.


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11/12/2017 – been almost a year since we looked at NVDA.  Below you’ll see the area ID’d for a correction. This level did hold NVDA at bay and the price stayed here for roughly 6 months and THEN EXPLODED.  It’s going parabolic so at a certain point, it should fall like a rock but for now the beat goes on …

did some basic price techniques that show this area ‘should’ hold it or cause a pullback.  it doesn’t have to but it appears that 1700% moves usually cause consolidations or corrections and, yes, you read that correctly: 1700%.  What a rocket ship.

also, you’ll see what happens in the 3rd chart below what happens when the velocity final runs out of gas … it has to fall back down to earth.

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