LONG BOND since 1981

i did this post for @seeitmarket around the TLT (long bond (20 year +) ETF: http://www.seeitmarket.com/tlt-price-target-view-treasury-bonds-stretched-15862/  and the targets around 145 still loom ….

so, here’s the long bond and the TLT charts ….not trying to “call a top” just find patterns. could they keep going higher? well of course ..but man, this is really getting quite crazy now, isn’t it?

note, on a monthly you can see 5 waves completing (30 year continuous) and that should mean a pullback but is it the 5th of the 5th?  who knows …

Page_16-07-31_16-48-12 Page_16-07-31_16-41-02 Page_16-07-31_16-39-24

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