11/13/2016 – as you can see below, back in July I did the post for @seeitmarket and also here on the blog about a ‘potential’ top / resistance on the bond complex.  the targets were hit and, since then, the bonds have been sold and, just this past week, have accelerated to the downside.  am […]

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@seeitmarket w/ TLT and a quick look at the 30 year …

9/3/2016 – have been doing some work over @seeitmarket w/ Andy and the gang here: also, note the breakdown on Friday of the 30 year support .. this is looking very heavy. here’s an update to the charts:  

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LONG BOND since 1981

i did this post for @seeitmarket around the TLT (long bond (20 year +) ETF:  and the targets around 145 still loom …. so, here’s the long bond and the TLT charts ….not trying to “call a top” just find patterns. could they keep going higher? well of course ..but man, this is really getting […]

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the initial impulse move … is the DNA

spent last night w/ my wife of 23 years and best friend since we were 15, at the Andrea Bocelli concert …as a self proclaimed market musician on many occasions I found myself w/ eyes closed trying to hear the different chords/tempo and harmony being blended.  it was pretty cool …so this morning I thought […]

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