Stonehenge, the Pyramids and the high on the NYSE Index …UPDATED 7/23/2016

07/23/2016 – posting this again because the MATH and the NUMBERS and the VIBRATIONS are so important.  I don’t want to go into a “war and peace” diatribe regarding “WHY” this high in the NYSE was/is so important.  But, I do want you take notice ….

  • note the all time low …10/4/1974.  That NUMBER which is actually a VIBRATION … sorry, going to go down a rabbit hole for a moment
    • the ancients used words to equal numbers which equaled music.  essentially, when we SPEAK our dialect we are actually emitting a sound which plays a tune that is harmonious or not to you.  so, in order for the words we SEE as we read and THINK they assigned numerical equivalents .. 26+26 = 52. 52 weeks in a year .. yes/no?
  • so, that LOW at 347.77 was the SEED for the rest of the move into the high on May 21, 2015.
    • below you will find how – using LOGS (which are cool) we are able to calculate the EXACT HIGH on the NYSE …yes, go read it, it’s the EXACT high.
  • Why is this important? Well, the NYSE index is a huge deal … it’s not manipulated and it’s encompasses most everything in that is traded (5000+ securities). so, take note of the chart below … we’ve  hung out for 7 days at the .786 but HAVE NOT REALLY CLOSED BELOW IT. THAT IS BULLISH …
  • I also see 1,2,3,4,5 waves completing – which is also BULLISH. It warns of a corrective pullback but the TREND is still UP and 1,2,34,5 waves UP means it wants to go higher after a pullback.

so, in summary, there are many bullish aspects of what’s going on right now … but as long as the NYSE stays below 11254 I have to remain cautious.  If we blow thru there .. game on!  then, perhaps the DOW tries to go seek the END OF THE OCTAVE at 22,346 as explained here:

I’ve seen the planetary aspects that my friends/mentors have been sending me and I also know the Bradley model turned DOWN HARD on Friday into late fall.  Just use stops and let the math work …





I’ve been asked, why do you use long term log charts so much …? Frankly, I think they are the MOST important tool in a chartists tool box.

When a mathematical property (LOGS, ANTI-LOGS, EXPONENTS) are responsible for the British Foot System, Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids I take notice …

In a prior post we discussed that “decimal points” are just “things” and when using vibrations (i.e. the market) we can move/adjust the decimal point.  Take for instance the all time low on the NYSE Index at 347.77.

  • PI = 3.142
  • 3.142 = 31.42
  • 31.42*347.77 = 10926.93 (see light blue dashed line)

Of note, the amazing Martin Armstrong called for his ECM model to turn October 01, 2015.  I suspect if might have something to do w/ PI and the decimal shift. You see the fateful top in 1929 was September 03rd.  10/01/2015 was 31,439 days ago OR 3.1429.

If we go back to your long term LOG charts you’ll see the power of connecting lows via trend lines (those are key cycles) but what we can also do is PROJECT price targets and time targets.

Today, we’ll just focus on PRICE.

  • All time low: 347.77
  • Log (the LN key on calculator) 347.77 = 5.85154
  • 347.77 = 3.477
  • 5.585154+3.477 = 9.32854
  • anti-log 9.32854 = 11254

Is that the EXACT high? Um, yeah, pretty much but – IS IT THE HIGH? I don’t know but what I do know is everything is tied together and it’s all math …


have a good weekend …



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