Chinese Yuan and Apple ($AAPL)

folks, knowing what’s going on in the currency market is so crucial .. not only does it completely dwarf any other market out there in volume/volatility but it also play such a crucial roll in the flow of funds, affects on commodities, etc.

back in 2015 I posted “the most important chart of 2015″ and it was the Chinese Yuan:

I was aware that $AAPL did a bunch of manufacturing over there and, in the past, had shown the correlation of the price of Palladium to $AAPL stock. You can check that out here –

it’s take a little bit of time – imagine that – but as the entire world was wondering ….”hmmm, I wonder if the Chinese are done letting the Yuan gain strength against the USD” $AAPL was making it’s all time high and digesting this same thought .. (see dashed red rectangle below).  The Chinese answered the question w/ a BIG EXPLOSIVE CANDLE … Answer: guess this move weakening the Yuan is real.

Now $AAPL. Note, when the “big move” came by the Chinese AAPL cracked and, since then, has been correlating nicely w/ the swings in the Yuan.

So, cliff notes, pay attention the Chinese Yuan and $APPL together …will this correlation break in the future?  Probably but for now as the Yuan continues to weaken against the USD, $AAPL sure seems to be having a tough time …

Let me know if you have any questions … continue to make it a great weekend wherever you are….



PS – here’s some work for $AAPL over @seeitmarket



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