Chinese Yuan and Apple ($AAPL)

folks, knowing what’s going on in the currency market is so crucial .. not only does it completely dwarf any other market out there in volume/volatility but it also play such a crucial roll in the flow of funds, affects on commodities, etc. back in 2015 I posted “the most important chart of 2015″ and […]

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FXI … wonderful set-up coming. be patient ..

we have taken a look at the FXI and it’s set of “lower highs” since 2011.  we have also taken a look at it’s relationship to Copper and how they have ebbed and flowed w/ synergy. what we haven’t done is step back and analyze the BULLISH case for the FXI.  YES, I am posting […]

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Copper and China

the count (long term) for copper appears to have completed a very well defined 5 wave move … if this is correct, then perhaps we have a little larger rally to kiss the neckline and then down into much lower prices.  why is this important to China?  well, from a chart view they are aligned […]

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