Loonie, time to get long …

I missed my entry at the .786.  (was on travel)

That’s OK …what I’ll try to do is do a real time look at getting into the first retrace.

  • Here’s the charts …
    • Relative Strength of the $OSX / $NYA.
      • note, the AB-CD is a little lower but believe we are in the zone for the PATTERN To be complete
    • Crude
      • on schedule, and look at the daily, almost perfectly on time
    • USD vs LOONIE
      • smacked exactly into the .786 and other ratio’s and has begun to strengthen …

Note: using intermarket and ratio analysis we were able to synchronize the “POTENTIAL” pivot in the Loonie, using Crude, relative strength of the OSX and then the patterns on the Loonie.

Stay tuned as this might get really interesting.

this entire thing is wrong w/ a daily closing above the .786.

I have my line in the sand, I like that.


Page_16-01-22_05-37-54 Page_16-01-22_05-29-46

Page_16-01-22_05-31-55 Page_16-01-22_05-33-45

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