German Dax “Voo Doo” is a wonder to behold …

Below is the post that  I did on the German Dax and the fact that so many PATTERNS were coming into play.  I spent this morning going thru this post and I just felt the need to post it again.  Why?

Well, as you know I have NEVER taken an economics or business course.  I know NOTHING that a CFA or MBA knows.  But I do KNOW PATTERNS based on musical theory, fibonacci, sacred geometry, etc.  So Germany – one could argue a most important part of the EURO ZONE – and particularly the DAX was, simply completing patterns based on all time lows and butterfly patterns (see below) and I’ll be darn they patterns held.

Knowing NOTHING about global macro economics but a lot about GLOBAL MACRO ADVANCED PATTERN RECOGNITION I simply believed these levels to be very important.  They have been …

So, someone please explain to me why the entire world took the DAX up to the pattern level and, well, the shit hit the fan – right at our level.  While your at it – take a look at Silver at 14, GPRO at 98, the Chinese Yuan PATTERN, etc. etc.  The PATTERNS are amazing because they are an edge and let you know – with a good deal of accuracy where you are wrong!  Enjoy the chart


One last … how about the AUDJPY?  Amazing …

main20141101175441 Main20141214120336




Voo Doo principle: a pattern appeared and at the PRECISE level the BUYING STOPPED and the SELLING took over … believe it? or not?

Here’s what I do know:

  • ANYTHING can and will happen …
  • There is a random distribution between wins and losses for any given set of variables that define an edge … (MY edge is PATTERN RECOGNITION)
  • An edge is nothing more than an indication of a higher probability of one thing happening over another …
  • Thank you Mark Douglas for Trading in the Zone.

Here’s what I SEE w/ regards to the German Dax – PATTERNS are complete across long time frames.  IF (the big IF) these patterns work (they sure seem to be) THEN it is very bearish.

GERMAN DAX Monthly AB=CD from all time how to all time high - COMPLETE
GERMAN DAX Monthly AB=CD from all time how to all time high – COMPLETE

9c4ezXqni Proof_of_Butterfly_theorem


Butterfly #1 on German Dax
Butterfly #1 on German Dax


butterfly pattern MONTHLY GERMAN DAX number 2
butterfly pattern MONTHLY GERMAN DAX number 2


EWG ETF for German Dax
EWG ETF for German Dax


and, here’s the ETF w/ the “SEE PATTERN APPROACHING” back in December 2013

the SELL PATTERN approaching
the SELL PATTERN approaching






CLIFF NOTES:  as I’ve said for the past 6 months (it hasn’t even been a year blogging!) this is a PATTERN RECOGNITION blog.  And, guess what … we have ANOTHER PATTERN from an all time low.  Here’s the pattern …

German Dax
German Dax

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