Missing a $LNKD in the chain?

$LNKD on a great run … no doubt.

However, certainly appears some stiff resistance is overhead.  Wait for a signal reversal candle/bar (weekly) for confirmation that we are at/near a top.

Notably, w/ IPO’s , it’s tough to count the initial move.  In this case, an ASSUMPTION is made that the first correction from 122 – 56 is a 2 and then we go in a very strong and powerful wave 3.  It’s “easy” to see 5 waves and w/ this much thrust/momentum I am inclined to say this is a 3 w/ a 4 to come and then another buy after a correction.  The major corrections have lasted almost a year 1-2 and (1)-(2).  The minor corrections (3)-(4) are a good 6 months long so caveat emptor is warranted from “now” to perhaps another 5-10% higher ….

Have a great weekend.

and, as always, rock on!


PS — might be interesting to watch 261.80 and 271.82

Nearing a TOP, caveat emptor

Nearing a TOP, caveat emptor


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