Sir Issac Newton and $AAPL Fell From the Tree

Had another opportunity to post for JC on $AAPL.  Please see: 

Let’s revisit and then ask where do we go from here….the charts below are the basic geometry that we learned in elementary school on drawing arcs and connecting three points to form a circle.  Also, some log-counts and a host of “other” geometry went into looking for the 700 ish to be important.  (All of these charts are real time w/ no “could have, would have, should have)SEPT 18 2012 AAPL1SEPT 18 2012 AAPL2SEPT 18 2012 AAPL3SEPT 18 2012 AAPL

From here, we all know what happened.  How about now?  Note, a strong rally has occurred, however it is in the same PATTERN (inverted) that occurred in 2008.  the market exploded in late 2008.  Is the same, except inverted, going to happen at current levels? Again, stay tuned ….Main20130820144713Main20130820150116

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