Using ratio’s for relative strength comparison

If the Numerator is bigger than the Denominator then the ratio goes UP.  If vice versa, the ratio goes down.  If we put one security over another then we can plot the relative strength and note when a shift in this relative strength takes place.  This shift can show rotation. What you’ll find is the […]

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important ratios – revisited

For those who have been following me since I started this summer, you’ll find I spend considerable amount of time analyzing the RELATIVE STRENGTH of the STAPLES vs the S&P.  Why?  The theory is that, in times of volatility and/or bearishness the “big guys” (read: institutions) will rotate into a defensive posture such as staples. […]

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relative strength of staples vs the S&P importance

in order to get up to speed, if you have not been following, please see the following post: we completed a perfect price/time pattern BUY on the ratio and it did, in fact, respect the pattern level.  HOWEVER, since then we have taken out the lows of that pattern and if we go back […]

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