Natural Gas carving out a low?

08/05/2017 – was asked to take a look at NATGAS again … I still feel we are in a consolidative or bottoming period.  and the “we are here” from my last post is still valid. note we have a head and shoulders forming .. key support is the .786 at 2.713 and then the neckline […]

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Natural Gas (NATGAS) NG #F

folks, for those of you have been following me for a while you know that sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes the bar eats you.  (man I love that movie … the Big Labowski) anyway, the “bar has eaten me” on Natural Gas. I played w/ a foldback pattern that REALLY looked nice and […]

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a look at mirror image foldbacks and Natural Gas

  Wanted to do a follow up on some Natural Gas questions that have hit the blog.  THANKS FOR ASKING The chart below is back from August and it showed the completion of a “large” AB=CD PATTERN and then a BUTTERFLY PATTERN appeared and held.  The natural flow of things calls for a BUY once […]

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Natural Gas Mirror Image Foldback ($UNG)

so far, it’s been a very nice and symmetrical move in Natural Gas futures … if (the big if) the mirror image is at play THEN either 1) here or 2) a little lower and we should see Natural Gas foldback up the blue arrow shown by the “we are here (?)” in the middle […]

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