Transports and F#

Transports at critical level

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Fractal Present on the Utilities – check it out

August 25, 2014: CLIFF NOTES: please see below to understand the importance of our recent high at 577.  The long term PATTERN from the all time low completed.  Now, we have the beginning formation of the trusted and true head and shoulders pattern on the DJ Utility Index.  Why is this important …?  Well, look […]

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DJ Transports and Utilities updated

CLIFF NOTES: I am a patter recognition chartist.  I am NOT trying to be overtly bullish or bearish.  Just using this forum to show the PATTERNS that area ppearing. On the DJ Transports we have completed a MAJOR AB=CD sell pattern w/ a 1.618 extension.  That is bearish.  It’s particularly bearish because the pattern using the […]

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the most important chart in my lifetime

CLIFF NOTES: the most important pattern in the history of the US stock market was hit today.  Period. all time low on Dow Jones Transportation Index was 49.59 on 10/29/1896 that low when used as the key node for retracements was responsible for the LOW in 1987 (.382 retracement ), the LOW in 2003 (EXACT 50 […]

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Transports pattern complete from 42,281 days ago …

I’m going to give myself .003% w/ regards to the pattern being complete on the Dow Jones Transportation Average.  It never did hit, exactly, the 7616 target …but w/ the big move that occurred yesterday odds are that we have a MAJOR top in place.  If you have been following my blog this “target” area […]

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DJTA from the beginning 10/29/1896 w/ a dose of a 2.6 is 4.0 to me

true confession time … some of you might know and some of you might not know that I spent my first 11 years out of college w/ the privilege and honor to serve in the United States Navy.  I flew jets, saw the world and knew absolutely NOTHING about the economy.  In fact, here’s the […]

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