this is ‘kind of important’ … I think… and you might want to read to the bottom

everyone is talking about low volatility .. trust me, I hear ya. but man, do I love me some ratio’s …here’s the deal, put one security over another and guess what. If it’s going HIGHER then the numerator is stronger and if it’s going LOWER the denominator is stronger. BOOM … so, a couple weeks […]

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Update on the ‘birth’ of the S&P500 and Friday’s close

11/20/2016 – again, “she’s getting ready to blow” but who knows what direction, right? ┬áJust pointing out that we did ‘another’ square out on Friday. This one, as they usually are, was perfect. Math is below on the chart. I plan on just going w/ a Signal Reversal Candle – if going short the LOW […]

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