IWM – update

IWM – another leg down to complete corrective sequence?

12/1 – quick update to show that the “expect resistance” level has been hit so do just that .. expect some resistance. the form and proportion certainly don’t appear to mean this is the end of a move … I could be wrong, but the thrust and strength certainly suggest higher but not after, perhaps a pause/pullback here in this expected resistance area.

11/22 – nice run from the target area depicted below down in/around 100. You see, we were able to use PATTERNS and some math to figure out a likely “stopping point” or “resistance” for IWM around 173 … we then used a GUIDELINE to pick a nice area where it “could” go. in this case, it did … that solidified a pretty good or solid count of 1,2,3,4 as NO rules were broken and the guideline for the 4th wave worked (this time) so, safe to say, we have a probability that we are in a 5th wave for IWM. as stated on the chart, there isn’t really any form, balance or proportion to make a “good” (in my case that would be very AVERAGE) count …. so, using some “guidelines” I was able to find 181 by using wave relationships and proportionality … in this case 181 represents .618 wave 3 and 1.618 wave 1 projected from the wave 4 low of 95. “expect” some resistance in/around here. but, I just don’t think that it’s it for more upside … stay tuned.

the last time I blogged by IWM was here: https://bartscharts.com/2018/05/17/iwm-caveat-emptor-and-check-out-where-price-hovered-today-in-my-p-s-below-cool/

we correctly ID a target zone of resistance and am now looking for another wave down sequence that will, if this count is correct, lead to a great BUY opportunity. I’ve outlined my count in the chart below …

do yourself a favor – push the I believe button! ($IWM)


10/1/2014: funny how it all works out … the below is copied from a post that I did on 10/21/2013 – a year ago.  a PATTERN was appearing in the zone of 113-120 and it sure looked like a doozy.  I wrote “or I’m going into gardening” because I was, honestly, laughed at for even thinking the almighty IWM would stop.  well, news flash, I guess in the end the issue is I DO NOT THINK.  I just point out PATTERNS and they work or they don’t …

so, anyway, I wish I could publish this anonymously because, well, I don’t want this to be about me making a good call or a bad call. spend some time on my site and you’ll see some AMAZING PATTERNS at work. have I DEFIED HUMAN NATURE and DONE THE WORK – yes.  someone would say to an obsessive degree but if your going to go down the path of trusting the vibrations, music and PATTERNS to work and, as a technician TAKE EVERY INDICATOR OFF YOUR CHART then you better well darn understand the underlying thesis of why this works – works being defined as letting you manage risk.  I do so that’s cool …

but again it’s about the PATTERNS …

so, I’m not trying to cause any issues or anything but can someone who is a fundamentalist please tell me how a 1.618 price projection and a 1.68179 extension and a bunch of numbers originating from 34 and being on the same axis caused EVERY high so far in the IWM?  Or, just leave it to the standard answer Voo Doo.

Either way, here’s my challenge.  If you are a fundamentalist, take a modicum of time and studying technical analysis. If your a technician looking to take it to the next level, give me a call or drop me a line.  But first … take EVERYTHING off your chart and simply “trust” price and time and the fact they will make PATTERNS!

Here’s the updated chart …






10/21/2013: the “zone” of 113-120 should be very strong if not the “top” for a while … if this pattern fails, I’m going into gardening.


IWM it’s almost been a year since our warning

9/22/2014 – the IWM has been getting a lot of news lately and well it should.  just wanted to point out the below charts that warned of 113-120 being very stiff resistance if not a TOP back in November of last year … sure looks like distribution but, knowing nothing of the fundamentals I will reiterate over and over and over and over (get the picture) on my blog that’s it’s simply a PATTERN.  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.  Manage the risk ….

note the same fractal present as 2007 .. still believe the 108 handle will be key to supporting either the bulls or the bears …






11/26/2013: the “zone” of 113-120 should be very strong if not the “top” for a while … if this pattern fails, I’m going into gardening.


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