gameplan for the long bond structure …

CLIFF NOTES: if you look at the chart below, you will see an inverse head and shoulders pattern that had it’s genesis almost a year go – 07/2013.  Just recently (the past 3 trading days) we have broken from this neckline ….price on the bonds should start up.  Here’s the gameplan — expect the 137 […]

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Thelma and Louis and Fixed Income

Interest Rates are approaching the CLIFF here’s a post that can allow you to catch up the saga w/in the fixed income market … whats funny is we have been SPOT ON w/ the dollar, commodities and fixed income.  the equities have just kept going UP UP UP.  Note, the BULLISH optimism in the equity […]

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Fixed Income – TIME is right but what about the price and the underlying trend?

to catch up on prior fixed income posts: keep an eye on fixed income.  the two triangles shown at the bottom of the chart represent the PRICE and TIME extremes that have occurred w/in the context of the top in Bonds last year.  Note, the current rally has not exceeded either one in […]

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