How logarithm’s, music and math yield 40,655 as a target for the DJIA

If you have gone down the rabbit hole that I have (hint it never stops) then you uncover tidbits of information that you would never think were important but one of those moments of “that’s cool” and move on …

I am eyeing a NICE currency position and then ended up cruising around the charts and was looking at Monthlies on a bunch of stuff. The charts reminded me of some of my early market music stuff and I figured I would go back and check em out …

Came across this long term DJIA chart ( I won’t bore you the importance of logs, numerology, blah blah and read the first sentence above. :)) It’s a technique for price projections that I learned from my friend and mentor, Michael Jenkins ( – RECOMMEND), and the results were pretty astounding.

I’ve shown some past blogs around the importance of the number 28.48. It’s a key PRICE NODE that has been at most tops and bottoms. So using it as a projection technique? Why not!

Then, you know I love music so … why not combine them w/ rates of change (logs) and … well the result is below. The use of logs and musical note ratio’s from the all time low on the DOW have been almost exactly the price using the log projection w/ the musical note E ratio.

The next appearance of this PRICE is 40,655 as annotated on the chart. One last, take a note of the blue arrows. the basic AB=CD lands, close enough, right on our target.

At this rate, from a timing perspective, it’s not that far off now is it ….?

Cycles are lining up, just saying.


below, note the symmetry of the projections and how, at least for now, EVERY MOVE, has been equal to each other and aligned w/ the Golden Mean.

DJIA 3 drives to a top pattern Monday 11/30/20

the two charts below are showing 2 three drives to a top pattern … the timing shows Monday 11/30 as the key date.

this chart is a 15 minute chart and showing the “three drives within a three drives” … kind of like Inception “dream w/in a dream w/in a dream” I guess ….

there are some higher targets but I would consider a daily close BELOW the gap area shown to be important for the bull case.

28.48 and the DOW

if you do a search around music on this blog you’ll see a pretty long post about using music and logs to calculate targets. a chart from that blog is here:

until tonight did I think about the correction this year and it’s harmony w/ 28.48. well, shucks, it perfectly nailed the .382 from that all time low. we will see some iteration of 28.48 at the final high – whenever that may be because TIME will always EQUAL PRICE at the final high or low.

long long way to go to 40K and it won’t occur in a straight line BUT hopefully some of us will be around when it hits that upper target ….

Equal Octave Scale of Music and the DJIA …

my friend, fellow chartist and trader gave me the chance to do this post on his blog as a “guest blogger”

at the time, I was watching, extremely closely, the “standard” .618 price projection and it’s importance due to using the all time low from 1896 at 28.48.  the market opened/closed in and around this level for roughly 5-6 months an then exploded higher.

one of the lesser know price projection techniques is actually based on the equal octave scale of music. this is NOT going to be a diatribe about musical theory, if your so inclined see a website like this: .  as a trader, I know the musical note ratio’s and I also have some fundamental understanding of the importance of square roots and their inverses and we’ll leave it at that….

so, if we take musical note F# ratio of 1.68179 and then subtract 1 we get  .68179.  that is the multiple that we project from and that nails the recent high and also intersects the expanding triangle that is bearish.  (1.618-1 = .618)

stay tuned and as we’ve been saying for a while, things certainly seem to be adding up ….

DJIA and musical note F# of the equal octave scale of music
DJIA and musical note F# of the equal octave scale of music

Aristotle, Diogenes Laërtius and the Dow Jones

Abstract:  The moral stated at the end of the Greek version is, “this shows how liars are rewarded: even if they tell the truth, no one believes them”. It echoes a statement attributed to Aristotle byDiogenes Laërtius in his The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers, where the sage was asked what those who tell lies gain by it and he answered “that when they speak truth they are not believed“.[3] William Caxton similarly closes his version with the remark that “men bileve not lyghtly hym whiche is knowen for a lyer”.[4]


DOW JONES COMPONENT SUMMARY: this next week will mark, yet another, very important point in TIME for market to heed.  As seen below, targets and patterns are/have completed (ing) and let make one thing clear.  I am not personally tied to what the patterns are objectively showing.  So, I never have nor ever will “lie” like the fable states above.  I am simply stating the patterns are showing SELL patterns and as one who has said this before, it’s a very very precarious market.  But, w/ full disclosure I have been saying that for a while and the market keeps exploding higher. So, I could be construed as “crying wolf” so to speak.

enjoy the charts and thanks for the comments, questions …

one last — W O L F !!!!!

DOW JONES TRANSPORTATION INDEX: the low on this index was formed before the Industrial average was 45.59 on 10/29/1896.  when we go back into such long time frames we need to let the charts check the validity of this node in time/space. Using this low of 45.59 we find that it held the .382 retracement of the 1987 crash, the .5 retracement of the 2000-2003 low and the .618 (exact OBTW) retracement of 2007-2009.  additionally, as shown by the orange arrows, the “thunderbolt” or “ab=cd” move was exact in resistance at 5537 in 2010 and almost the cause of the 2007 top.  W/ those as our reference points, I believe we can objectively say that we have a good “node” to work from …

the purple arrows are “basic” measured move projections that smack right into an extension pattern in/around 7600.  Additionally, the lighter blue arrows come in around 7535 on the index.  I expect those to be MAJOR resistance areas if not the TOP.  At a minimum, an expectation of a 3500 point decline from those areas (simply the size of the last one) is to be expected.

if we take a look a current levels – 7211 close (and note, closed at the highs) – then another 300 point move or, roughly, 4 percent move isn’t out the question.  expect higher next week into this area of EXTREME resistance.

DJ Transports ... 1896-2013
DJ Transports … 1896-2013

DOW JONES UTILITY AVERAGE: the Utilities Average has a sell pattern appearing a little higher after a very big monthly sell signal.  while the pattern from the all time low in 1942 is still alive, it will be extremely important to watch this SELL pattern coming into play.  If we fail at this SELL pattern then an attack of the “still alive” target up around 570 could be a reality.  either the SELL pattern or the “still alive” will/should stop it in it’s tracks …

all time low DJUA quick look
all time low DJUA quick look

SELL PATTERN appearing on the DJUA
SELL PATTERN appearing on the DJUA

DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE:  back before posting, JC Parets allowed me to “guest post” (thanks) on his site using the all time low on the DOW and our former 2007 top. ( that level was, essentially 15,300 and the DJIA has been bouncing in/around that level for almost 6 months.  that is what THE long term .618 price projection should do – if not be a top or bottom.  but, last week, it gave away and the DJIA took off.  folks, what we potentially have here is a 5 point reverse way pattern on a monthly basis.  IF CORRECT, the bearish implications are very powerful.  trend line resistance exists a little higher, we have a 1.27 extension pattern at 16,308 and the “top of the circle” at 16,827.  I know the “top of the circle” will have people scratching their heads but LOOK at what the bottom of the circle did the last time we were EXTREME in bearish emotion (2009).  It, basically, nailed the bottom.  Would seem natural that the top would do the same…correct?





Bart out …