Equal Octave Scale of Music and the DJIA …

my friend, fellow chartist and trader gave me the chance to do this post on his blog as a “guest blogger” at the time, I was watching, extremely closely, the “standard” .618 price projection and it’s importance due to using the all time low from 1896 at 28.48.  the market opened/closed in and around […]

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Aristotle, Diogenes Laërtius and the Dow Jones

Abstract:  The moral stated at the end of the Greek version is, “this shows how liars are rewarded: even if they tell the truth, no one believes them”. It echoes a statement attributed to Aristotle byDiogenes Laërtius in his The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers, where the sage was asked what those who tell lies gain by it and he […]

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