05/22/2017 –  take note of the ‘potential’ for the polarity principle to take place.  in this case, where there is resistance there ‘should be’ support. ***note: the gap down below the former resistance w/ this months action. something to watch … a gap down and move lower signifies higher interest rates.  monitor closely. have a […]

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@seeitmarket w/ TLT and a quick look at the 30 year …

9/3/2016 – have been doing some work over @seeitmarket w/ Andy and the gang here: also, note the breakdown on Friday of the 30 year support .. this is looking very heavy. here’s an update to the charts:  

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Fixed Income …at the inflection point

CLIFF NOTES: target hit on the long bond, last target hit on TBT, RYJUX hitting some key support.  No doubt the move up from the neckline and multi month consolidation is a big deal and now we’ll see if the neckline is attacked as we are suggesting. Note, it already came down and bounced off […]

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Plotting the next move in fixed income …

fixed income has bounced rather nicely and now the big question is “are we going to go to new highs?” 1.5 years ago, as fixed income flirted w/ the all time highs for 5 months we correctly saw multiple correlations that put the sell pattern present in context … from there, the bonds fell […]

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